Add On's


Uplighting is a great add on to enhance a venues atmosphere and brighten up the room. These small fixtures are both offered in corded and battery options. They can also be controlled from an app on your smart phone or tablet.

Starting at $200


Capture the moments throughout your event, with help from our photographers. Save these memories, and look back at all the fun your guests and yourself had at your party! 

Starting at $150

Projection and TV's

Projection and TV's are a great touch to any party. Put up your monogram, play a montage, or both! We also offer photography, so when it's half way through the night, we start showing pictures from prior. We offer 50" HDTV's or Projectors that can go as big as you can imagine. 

Starting at $200

Monogram Projection

With a gobo projector we are able to project monograms or images onto any surface. We have different stock gobos to choose from or you can have a custom one made. 

Starting at $100

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